Final Report COST Action 729: Assessing and Managing Nitrogen Fluxes in the Athmosphere-Biosphere System in Europe

Peringe Grennfelt, Scarp program director, has been acting as vice-chair during the creation of the Final Report COST Action 729.

The book provides a concise overview of the COST Action 729 by offering a summary of the major findings and scientific and policy processes, reports of the national contributions and by providing summaries of the international workshops and conferences on ammonia in the environment, NATURA 2000, Nitrogen and biodiversity and integrated modelling tools.

The books shows how the COST Action 729 has contributed to a large extent to the development of nitrogen science and its (policy) application by the European nitrogen community, together with the ESF-NinE programme and NitroEurope.

Author(s): Albert Bleeker and Jan Willem Erisman (Eds)
Publisher(s): Wageningen Academic Publishers
ISBN: 978-90-817039-1-8

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