Mid term report for Phase I submitted

The evaluation of Phase I (2006-2009) of the SCARP programme is in process. The Mid term report for Phase I (Report Pdf, 278.8 kB. & Appendix Pdf, 411.4 kB.) has been submitted to the Swedish EPA and the application for the second phase (Phase II, 2010-2012) will be submitted in October.

Time table for the evaluation process 2009

25 August        Mid term report for Phase I to the Swedish EPA (Naturvårdsverket).
September       The mid term report is evaluated by external reviewers.
22 September Hearing (reviewers and programme board). A written statement with recommendations from the reviewers.
12 October      Application for Phase II to the Swedish EPA (Naturvårdsverket).
28 October      The Swedish EPA (Naturvårdsverkets Miljöforskningsnämnd & Forskningsberedning) comment on the application.
November       Revision of the application (if needed).
December        Decision from the Swedish EPA whether Phase II of the programme is granted or not.
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